This is a tower defense game: You have to place "towers", wich kill enemies. Actually it's very simple. It has like my previous game "Monster Defender" infinite waves. of enemies. You get money by killing enemies.


  • Click on one of the Towers in the shop to select it, but make sure you have enough money to buy it. Then release your mouse button. Now drag your mouse on one of the platforms and click again
  • If you want to move an tower, click on it, release that click. Then drag it to another platform or to the delete sign and click again


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Super fun game! I love the art style, sound effects, particles, and its very fun overall for gameplay! My only suggestion for next steps would be maybe every 10 or 15 waves add a new world with a different theme and path for enemies to go along just to keep things interesting and help keep the player engaged!


love your game bro.... great graphics as well as the game play..... :-)

everyone should give it a try....

Thank you for your Feedback. You're awesome bro! :D