Hi, this is my new game "Cube Madness". It's About Fighting against other enemies, who are also cubes! Definitely write your score-record in the comments before you hit 0 health! Have fun! :)

Please only play level 1, the others aren't working yet..

[…] But Always remember: the game is not finished and I'm still currently working on it! :D

How to Play:

  • let the enemies not reach you, block their projectiles and shoot them before they come to near
  • powerups have a color and some white on them, you can see it if you have a powerup active in your "powerup-timebar" in the upper right of your screen
  • your ultimate attack charges by killing mobs, you can see the progress in the upper right corner of your screen, if it blinks it's ready



  • press "a" to move left
  • press "d" to move right
  • press space to jump
  • left klick to shoot
  • hold right klick to block
  • press "q" to use your ultimate attack whenit's charged


  • move the right joystick to the right to move right
  • move the right joystick to the leftto move left
  • move the right joystick to up to jump
  • move the left Joystick to aim
  • press RB to shoot
  • hold LB to block
  • press "B" to use your ultimate attack when it's charged